Keeping mattresses in storage is probably something you might do if you’re considering storage rental.

But what a lot of people don’t realise is it’s not just a simple matter of sticking it in the storage unit, and leaving it there until you need it again. Protecting your mattress, and taking steps to make sure it’s not damaged during its time in storage, is well worth it.

The first thing to consider is damp. Mattresses can easily become mouldy, so it’s important to inspect your unit thoroughly before storage. Be sure to air the mattress before storage, to ensure it’s completely dry. Keep the mattress up if the storage unit has concrete floors, as this can spread moisture into your mattress. It’s a good idea to keep a dehumidifier in the storage unit well.

Heavy items kept on top of the mattress are likely to damage the springs. It’s best to keep it stored upright to prevent this. Wrapping it with a plastic cover and sealing it tightly is the best way to ensure protection from dust and dirt, and will also protect it from rain when moving it in and out of the storage facility.

Even after taking all these steps, make sure to check your storage unit every few months. If you find the mattress isn’t keeping in great condition, it’s best to find this out early, while further damage could be prevented, rather than six months later, when the mattress is beyond repair.

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