Moving Tips

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Moving Out of Home Checklist

Moving Home What to Pack, What to do! There comes a time when all of us have to move out and move on. You’ve likely got mixed feelings of nerves blended with excitement. But – hang ten. Before you soar off into the verdant valleys, there are a few things you’ll need to do. We’ve put a checklist together for…

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Tips for moving with young children

Moving can upset children of any age. It frequently causes them to feel apprehensive and insecure. But, don’t despair; there are many things you can do to make the moving experience less scary for your children. 5 Tips Involve Them from the Very Beginning Tell your children as soon as you know you’re moving; don’t spring it on them at…

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Tips on storing electronics and furniture

Storing electronics and furniture When using self-storage facilities always make sure your valuables are safely insulated.  Here is a few tips that will protect your valuables against the harsh Australian conditions. Electronics You can store electronics indefinitely in a in a indoor temperature and climate controlled storage unit.  It is not advisable to store electronics in a unit where it…

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