Storing electronics and furniture

When using self-storage facilities always make sure your valuables are safely insulated.  Here is a few tips that will protect your valuables against the harsh Australian conditions.


You can store electronics indefinitely in a in a indoor temperature and climate controlled storage unit.  It is not advisable to store electronics in a unit where it can get hotter than 21 degrees.

  • You should also avoid stacking your electronics.
  • To insulate your electronics, store in cardboard boxes upright, surrounded by additional packing padding.
  • Ensure you use silica packets to keep them dry.
  • Remove all batteries from devices before storing. Do not use bubble wrap, instead use foam so the item can breathe.

Always be aware there is a risk to breakage, insects and pests when storing your electronics.


Clothing can be stored indefinitely but should be stored in the same temperature and climate controlled environment than electronics.  It is also important to note that humidity controlled environments is also important for the storage of clothes.

Use cotton, polyester, cardboard, wooden boxes or garment bags that are not airtight to store your clothing.

Remove and rotate the clothing every year to 18 months to keep them fresh.  Breathability is important.

The risk associated with storing clothing is mould and mildew especially when storing cotton and polyester.  Leather garments can dry out and crack.  All damage to clothing is caused by moths, insects and pests so make sure to add some moth balls to your storage box.


The recommended temperature to store furniture is between 12 and 18 degrees Celcius.  Make sure that you disassemble your furniture as much as you can to lessen the likelihood of damage, especially in the case of wooden furniture.  It is advisable to keep screws and bolts in small labelled plastic bags and tape them to a main piece of the disassembled furniture.  Always store drawers separate from frames.  Wrap furniture in plastic to keep out moisture, bugs and pests and make sure the fabric furniture is cleaned thoroughly before storing.

Wood and leather can crack, break or dry out.  Upholstery can become mildewed and unusable.

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