Using Self Storage facilities can be a ideal solution for businesses for diffent reasons.  This can include freeing up office space by storing excess furniture and files that are required to be kept by the business due to legislation.  It can be costly to hire larger office space just to end up using the extra space hired for storing purposes.

Home businesses and especially Tradesman found that Self storage provide a flexible convenient way to store product, tools of trade and equipment.

There are many advantages for businesses to use Self Storage as a alternative of hiring larger and expensive office space or warehouses.

Using self storage to archive documents and files ensure that these files are stored in a easy accessible space when needed.  Businesses may not need access to these documents every day but are able to access it whenever needed as they lock their unit up and in most cases are provided with 24-hour access.

Small home-based business running for example a cleaning or e-commerce business in most cases do not have sufficient space to store products or stock at their homes.  Self-storage facilities are a ideal solution to small businesses who do not have access to extra storage space to run their business effectively.

Tradesmen often have excess tooling or hardware and in most cases no place to store these items.  It can be costly to erect a shed in their back yard and their garages are most likely already full of tools and hardware.  A easy solution is to use a self-storage facility where they have access to come and go when they need anything inside the unit.

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