Moving Home

What to Pack, What to do!
There comes a time when all of us have to move out and move on. You’ve likely got mixed feelings of nerves blended with excitement. But – hang ten. Before you soar off into the verdant valleys, there are a few things you’ll need to do. We’ve put a checklist together for this huge life transition, so be sure to peck your way through this before spreading your wings.

1. Talk to Experienced Friends.
Adulting is no joke, and running a household goes beyond microwave meals and bills. Try to talk to friends and acquaintances, you never know who might have some invaluable advice to share. Wise friends can also help you determine your rental budget – and important to be reasonable. As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t spend more than 1/3rd of your income on rent.

2. Location, Location, Location.
Do your homework and pick a suburb that matches your financial abilities and lifestyle desires. Is the place nearby the local amenities you care about? How is the local public transport system? What will your contents insurance premium look like? Ask lots of questions and don’t make any rushed decisions.

3. Prepare Your Application
Prepare your application (in advance if possible). It’s always a good idea to get your documents in order ahead of time so you can breathe easier. This way, when the perfect place comes along, you can act quickly.

4. Start Building Your Credit.
It’s a good idea to nurture your credit score. Always pay things on time, including your phone bill, electricity, and whatever else you want to spend your salary on. Consider getting a credit card (with a LOW limit!) for small purchases, so you can start making monthly payments and prove your payment diligence. With good credit, you’ll be able to do a lot more in several years’ time, like buy your dream car or a home of your own.

5. Save, Save, and Save Some More.
Even if it’s small, try to put something away into an interest-bearing account each month. Little compares to watching your money grow! Not only can you save for something you care about, but you’ll also find yourself borrowing less money from others!

6. Find Cheap Furniture.
Now isn’t the time for luxurious Chesterfield couches and Nutribullets. See what you can get from kind friends, acquaintances, and colleagues, and inspect local op-shops to see what gems you can find. Once you’re ready to move, let your friends know. Chances are, everyone will be able to ‘donate’ something to your ‘cause,’ and you never know – someone might just have a small truck to help you relocate.

At the end of the day, moving home doesn’t have to be stressful. Just remember that there’s a lot you’ll need to do after the move too, like updating your driver’s license and other important documentation.

Most importantly, have fun – and good luck!

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