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How Self Storage Can Help Sell Your Home

A storage unit is a huge benefit when it comes time to sell your house. Not only can it give you a bit of extra space to assist with the move – having a storage unit can also help to de-clutter your house to show potential buyers. We’ve all seen Grand Designs, or housing magazines, with houses storing designer furniture…

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Moving Dilemmas? Consider Storage Facilities?

  Over the years people unconsciously acquire things. The clutter or excessive furniture, art, or books only get noticed when it is time to move. Then you have to find an answer to the problem. You can either take everything with you, or donate things to family, friends, or charity, or have a garage sale, or put things into storage.…

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How to protect your mattress in storage

Keeping mattresses in storage is probably something you might do if you’re considering storage rental. But what a lot of people don’t realise is it’s not just a simple matter of sticking it in the storage unit, and leaving it there until you need it again. Protecting your mattress, and taking steps to make sure it’s not damaged during its…

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