Moving house

How to overcome your fears about moving house:  Simple solutions to help you.

Are you suffering from Tropophobia: Fear of moving or making changes?

A recent article published in the UK has found that the bulk of home owners and renters are fearful of moving.  Top on the list was money, stress and time constraints.  Some people feared the unknown and the insecurity of knowing where they are going.

People should plan ahead to reduce the anxiety associated with moving house.  It is very stressful once the costs involved are calculated as it can be extremely expensive.  We all know that there are many hidden and not so hidden cost involved in selling your house, packing up and moving to a new premises.

To plan ahead will minimise the stress and may lower the cost associated with a move.

Make a checklist:  Write a list of all the activities you need to do prior to, during and after the move.  Things like notifying the supply companies of your intention to move.

Estimate the costs:  Draw up a budget for the entire moving journey.  Include in this the estimated cost of removalists, if you are selling, the cost of transfer etc.  Your service provider will also charge an additional cost to transfer your services to your new premises.

Note a calendar of events that is going to take place:  Note all the dates and times when things are due to happen, for example the date of the transfer and the date you must move out of your old premises.  Ensure that the dates coincide with the date that you can move into your new premises.

Organise the removalists:  Do not leave this until the last minute.  Removalists are very busy and will need notification in advance.  Get several quotes from different companies before you make the final decision.  If you have nowhere to go yet, you can contact us, for a quotation on storing your furniture, we tailor our services to meet your needs.  We also offer an alternative to sometimes costly removalists, we bring your unit to your house, you pack, we pick up and go unload at your new premises for you to unpack at your own leisure.

Declutter: I can’t stress the importance of decluttering.  You will have less to pack if you throw away, sell or recycle unwanted items.


Moving is one of those things that seems worse before you do it and the more you do it the easier it gets.  Obviously, we can’t just pack up and move every time we feel the urge of moving, because we are home owners and tenants locked into contracts.

We can assist you to make the move easier by providing you with competitive pricing, state of the art facilities and equipment and experienced staff to help you along the way.


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